There will be blood

Accident Type: Unspecified Motorized Vehicle Incident

I was in a hurry and hit the throttle too hard.
The impact was so hard
I felt my body vibrate like a struck bell.

I was focused on the destination
and didn’t notice the pool of blood
I stood in until I was ready to sit.

Eww. This bathroom is disgusting.
That’s mine.

I didn’t panic.
Left that for my cool, authoritative
In Case of Emergency contact person.

So. Much. Blood.
I stumped the pharmacist and paramedics.
Are you sure you’re not on blood thinners?

It wasn’t deep but I had been flayed
by a bathroom stall door
while driving my mobility scooter.

The thin sutures slipped out
of my leg like like topsoil blowing away
in the Dust Bowl.

The TEN heavier sutures poked into the air
from my shin like eyelashes
on a child’s monster drawing.

Changing the dressing stung
causing the thin skin between stitches
to roll up like wet tissue.

Hospital discharge notes indicated risk
of “poor cosmetic result.”
Please send thoughts, prayers and chocolate.

20 thoughts on “There will be blood

      1. Just like I wrote. I was going into t th e handicapped bathroom stall which was big enough for the scooter. Except I jerked the throttle too hard by accident and caught the stall door.


  1. Having been there, I can vouch. It was a LOT of blood. We don’t do things halfway in this family. She neglected to mention that she soaked an Israeli compression bandage through in no time.

    These are the bandages that they give soldiers so that they don’t bleed out on the battlefield before they can get medivac’d out. Traumatic for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I do enjoy a good complaint. It’s slow healing but moving along. Fun medical fact: shins bleed a lot because that’s where the bone is. No padding. You’re welcome. Ha Ha. Thanks Rick.


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