My Publications

The Frog Prince, First Place Poetry, Poetry for Children Category, North Carolina Poetry Society annual contest, Published in Pinesong, May 2022,

Six (!) poems in The Short of It series by Susi Bocks of I Write Her.

Three poems in the Online Poetry Archive 2021 annual anthology. OPA is an international online journal. This year’s theme was Midnight.

Molt, North of Oxford, August 2020

Holey Satisfied, and CoffeeHeart Beats Anthology of Poetry, edited by Lisa Tomey, March 2021

January 2021, Insurrection anthology by Gnashing Teeth publishers, February 2021

Assume the Position – Second Place Poetry of Witness category, NCPS, published in Pinesong, May 2021, which then followed on my blog

Heron Clan VII
This is my third year in the H.C. poetry anthology, and the second year I’ve served on the editorial review board, as well as the second year I produced the layout of the book. June 2020.

Two poems in The Typescript poetry journal, May, 2020. “Red, White and Death” inspired by the graphic rendering of the corona virus; and “New World” which sums up how I feel about the America I’ve been living in for the last few years.

Urban Forrest in Winter, North Carolina Bards, Raleigh Poetry Review, 2020

Dust to Dust, NC Bards Against Hunger, 2020

Heron Clan VI
The H.C. poetry anthology series just gets better and better. I’m not just saying that because three of my poems are in it (White on White, Kudzu, and Wall).  I was honored to be part of the selection committee and then I did the layout, formatting and proofing of the book. Beautiful!

Husbandry, Honorable Mention in the Light Verse category from North Carolina Poetry Society, 2020, published in Pinesong

This full-service, left-leaning website publishes articles, reviews of all forms of art, political commentary, as well as literature and poetry. They published my poem,  Wanderlust, in their Car Poems collection on March 2019.

Poetry in Plain Site, Winston-Salem, North Carolina: “Talk to Me” published on a poster in the W-S downtown district, January 2019

Epiphanies and Late Realizations of Love, a poetry anthology published by Transcendent Zero Press included my poem  Where is Love?. The book is available on Amazon.

The Fears of Us All: A collection of poems & short stories
My poem, FoMO, (Fear of Missing Out) was published in this brand-new anthology put out by Cherry House Press. The book is available on Amazon. I’m happy to be included but I must warn you. Read this book in daylight!

Heron Clan V
Two of my poems, Who Shouted with Glee when Blue was Born? and Strange River, were published in the fifth edition of the Heron Clan poetry anthology series. This full-size poetry book is packed with poetry from over sixty poets and includes lauded poets and beginners. Most are from North Carolina, but other states and countries are represented as well.

Ovunque Siamo
This contemporary online magazine features poetry, art, and book reviews from Italian-American writers.
Remembering Sunday Dinner at Grandma’s House

Not–for-the-Nursery Rhymes
I self-published my first book of poetry in 2012. The well-loved verses of Mother Goose nursery rhymes have received a funny and modern makeover in this pocket-size book of parody poems. The characters will evoke nostalgia. The modern twist will make you laugh out loud. The book is available for sale on Lulu and Amazon.

Oddball Magazine
Check out this fun site full of flash fiction, poetry and odds and ends. They published my poem on October 30, 2017 for their Halloween Issue.
Costume Identity

Erase Transform Ink
All the poems on this unique site are Erasure Poems created from the inauguration speech from our current president. I wrote mine in March, but there’s still time to write your own redacted renouncement.
Inaugural Address #45

RAT’S ASS REVIEW, Love & Ensuing Madness
You’re going to want to give a rat’s ass about this collection of love poems on this great online magazine.
The Delicate Cycle

Mused: Bella Online Literary Review, Summer 2015
In addition to a great quarterly online journal, Mused offers articles, quizzes and games.
Grabbing for Sanity

Mythos: An International Bilingual Anthology by Poets, Artists Unplugged
December 2016. 3 poems:
Half of the poems in this wonderful hardcover book are in English, and the other half are in Hindi. There is also 20 pages of full color artwork. For more information about the group that published the book, visit their Mythos Facebook page.

My Nature Place offers information and educational materials about nature. As part of their work, they published two volumes of nature poems. In 2016, they included my poem, Talking Back to Mother in Field Notes: Interpretations of Nature, Volume 2, which is for sale at:

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