Today’s poem was inspired by my friend eQuips’ blogpost, The Dichotomy of Sand. Be sure to check out her poem and her blog! The picture is Myrtle Beach, SC.


Eschew the microscope, forgo counting grains
Each one is unique and marvelous
but for now just enjoy the dichotomy

A house built on sand
will eventually collapse
A house built on sand
mixed with water and cement
will be last for centuries

Rest – lay down in soft sand
Burrow until every curve
is supported in natural comfort

And when it is time to go home
wash with care so the abrasive grit
takes away the grime of modern life

21 thoughts on “Sand

  1. Great poem! There are so many metaphors in there. You should write a prompt!

    BTW, if you think sand is bad, look up lunar regolith. I’ve been reading a lot about it since they just grew some plants in it in preparation for putting humans back on the Moon.

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