Holidays: We’re halfway through

Do you love the autumn and winter holiday season, or do you just bide your time and wait for them all to be over? Where are you on the love-the-holiday spectrum?  I’ve been up and down the scale from mushy, gushy, sappy, holiday love to seething resentment and distress. As I age though I find myself relaxing into acceptance.

Halloween was my favorite holiday as a child. Candy! Costumes! Later it was alcohol and costumes. Now it’s just about the cool weather, the decorations and enjoying other people in costume, especially children, babies and pets.

As an innocent kid, I thought Thanksgiving was a pretty basic holiday: food, family, pie.  It’s still that, but it’s also political, a gateway to consumerism, and a platform for dysfunctional family dynamics. Eat. Enjoy. Be happy to be home again.

So now it’s December which brings Hanukkah, Christmas, Solstice, Kwanzaa, and Ramadan. (Did I forget any?) It’s time for my annual gift buying and exchanging anxiety, and, POETRY! There are five poetry events on my calendar this month. Now that’s the way to spend the holiday season.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, and even if you don’t celebrate at all, I hope the season brings you good food, fun with people you love, and a touch of joy.

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