What’s your word?

Happy New Year! 

A few years ago a friend introduced me to the One Word project. The idea is to replace new year resolutions, which are all about doing, with a guiding word for the year, which is all about being. A resolution is a nagging reminder of what you should be doing. The right One Word, however, is your inspiration and encouragement for being who and what you really want to be.

That year, 2011, we got together and made posters for ourselves with our word on it. My word was Discipline. It wasn’t the best choice for a word. Since I’m not a disciplined individual, it felt like just another failed resolution. My 2012 word was a little bit better, but not much, Action. I was still trying to push myself to be someone other than the low-energy, slow-moving person that I am. I must have known this, because the large poster had been replaced with a sheet of paper decorated with some stickers.

In 2013, I cheated and used a phrase: Whole and Complete. This was better, although looking back, I don’t know what I was thinking because the Complete is redundant. It’s a good thing to feel like a whole person but the next year I thought I’d aim higher. My 2014 word was Grace. Now, I am a klutz, but I had a different idea in mind. In the spiritual sense, grace is favor and blessing received from the Divine, such as forgiveness and redemption. I made a nice mini-poster, and then… meh. I still wanted to aim high though, so my word for 2015 was Serenity.  I never did feel serene that year which ended on a particularly low note with the death of my beloved cat, and my car totaled by an uninsured driver.

I put the One Word project on hiatus in ’16 and ’17.

However, I think the time is right to try again! This year I’m picking a word that I know I can Be, Do, and Have. POETRY!  Yes, I am going for the low hanging fruit, and no, there is no shame in the game here. There is only doing whatever we need to do to get by in the world.

I hope this year brings you happiness, health, prosperity, and lots and lots of poetry!  Please share your One Word for 2018 in the comments below.

If you are interested in learning more about One Word, check out these pages:

6 thoughts on “What’s your word?

  1. Love it! Mine is CREATE………..it’s multifaceted for me……create space…create ART (to sell)…create a new profession (professional artist!), create more time and more rest…you get the point. We put our words on rocks, and I made extras so I’d have one in the car, one at work, one at my nightstand. Reminders, reminders, reminders ….

    Poetry! Perfect! Can’t wait to read your first one of the new year!

    Love you!


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