Free Speech for April

Raise your hand if you’re slogging through April’s Poem a Day Challenge. I don’t care if you have only done a few, or if you have one for every day of the month so far. Just one poem written in April qualifies you to raise your hand.

I wasn’t sure how many I would be able to eek out but I’m doing better than I thought. I’ll post a tally when the month is over. In the meantime. Here’s an April poem for the prompt: “write a superhero or supervillain poem.” Mine was inspired by recent events.


You’re a mean one, Mr. M
Buying billion-dollar tech toys
shooting rockets into space
while ignoring the poverty
that your money could erase

Your brain is full of rocket fuel
Does your heart even beat?
You’ve got greed in your soul Mr. M
I wouldnโ€™t talk to you with a
two-hundred-forty-character tweet

Do you heat your fortress
with hundred-dollar bills?
Youโ€™re a mean one Mr. M
in your house up in the hills.

If you ask the homeless and hungry
or anyone without money
none of them would deny
you’re a vile one, Mr. M
I hope someone spits in your eye

15 thoughts on “Free Speech for April

  1. As a child my parents Got Me Pissed Off
    Told To Do It Now or Else Suffer
    So NOW!!!
    I Don’t Get Involved
    When I AM
    Being Told What To Do
    And โœ๏ธ When To Do It
    For Creativity is Freedom
    Freedom from Instruction

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