Gratitude 2021

Today I’m grateful to all my friends who send me postcards. The one pictured here is a close up of Monarch butterflies from the Florida Museum of Natural History. Thank you Tess! I collect postcards and have always appreciated my friends who who send them. Now, after a recent (SHORT) trip to Myrtle Beach that appreciation has grown tremendously. It was surprisingly difficult to find postcards. The off boardwalk, easy to get to and navigate souvenir stores didn’t carry them. Boo. But I fought my way through an overcrowded shop on the boardwalk to get some for those friends. .

Caterpillar cocoons
Transforms into butterfly
Ugly or plain to beautiful
An obvious and cliché metaphor
and I am happy for the reminder!

Did you know that Monarch wings can be repaired? Unlike many species of butterflies that have very short life spans, Monarchs live for up to six months. They are so important as pollinators, anything you do to help them, helps everyone.

And then of course there’s the Living Poetry Monday Poetry Prompt: Gratitude.

At my advanced age
I still like jokes for kids.
Appreciation for the small
things in life keeps me young
at heart, like the first cup of coffee
steels me for the day.
Enjoyable, medicinal,
it burns away morning breath
better than a toothbrush
and is best drunk standing by the pot.
I’m thankful for the second cup
for breakfast, and the start of the day.

What are you thankful for? An extra slice of pie to the reader who posts an answer in poem form!

15 thoughts on “Gratitude 2021

  1. I like postcards, too.:-) I’m astounded by the video! Who knew you can repair butterfly wings?!

    I am thankful for coffee,
    Red and yellow of the trees,
    My adorable husband,
    And that feeling you get
    With your toes in the sand.

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  2. Postcards are nice.
    I’m thankful for

    Blogger friends I’ve never met
    the punster, the philosopher
    and the poet
    People who read
    and even comment,
    often with a comedic bent.
    Also for days
    when the joints don’t ache
    and give my knees a welcome break.

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