It’s Bad Poetry Day!

Many thanks to my friend and fellow blogger, Pat, for alerting me that August 18 is Bad Poetry Day. So I got right on it and wrote some bad poetry:

My little eye does spy
a tasty slice of pizza pie
alas a subway rat has it
Thus, hungry, here I sit

Here’s an old one from my files. I wrote this in 2014 during the April Pome A Day challenge.

Things I Love

I love to eat.
I don’t love cooking.

I love TV.
I don’t love commercials.

I love playing games.
I don’t love losing.

I love long car rides.
I don’t love high gas prices.

I love my cat.
I don’t love her litter box.

I love poetry.
But I don’t love this poem.

I could keep going. I’ve got a whole file of bad poetry! But instead, I’ll leave you to write your own bad poem. Feel free to drop a few lines of bad verse in the comments. And if you need more inspiration, here are some pathetic yet pithy fun ones from the twitter verse.

25 thoughts on “It’s Bad Poetry Day!

    1. Underwear Dispair!

      Yes, it’s that time again!
      They’re wearing very thin.
      My underwear I’ve worn for years,
      Are fit for the trash bin.

      These old ones made me sore,
      The seams dug in my skin.
      I wore them inside out instead,
      The way they should’ve been.

      There are so many styles,
      Which ones, then, shall I buy?
      There’s hipsters, low rise, boy shorts too,
      Bikinis, high rise, I just sigh.

      This quandary that I’m in,
      I hope will disappear,
      And that I’ll find the style I love,
      And not be in dispair!

      “Poetree” © June 1, 2020

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  1. two badkus

    balanced accounts after vacation
    not as horrible as first thought

    first day back from vacation stinks
    how do i spell Lockheed Martin again

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  2. I second Bookworm’s comment. I’m glad I found your site and this is actually good poetry 🤔 I found it cute.
    Here’s my bad poetry

    I love eating sweets
    But not gaining weight.
    If you drink cat’s blood for tea,
    Make sure to share some with me!

    That is not just bad; but TERRIBLE poetry 😆😂

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