I love postcards and have been collecting them since I was a kid. It was the one thing my mother would let me buy when we went places, and the picture was always better than anything I could have taken with my crappy flashbulb camera. Even now, I prefer to just enjoy the scenery when I go someplace and let the professionals document the place for me. I’m not shy about asking family and friends to bring me a postcard when they travel. For years I was in an informal postcard exchange program with a couple of my coworkers. We would bring each other postcards when we traveled so each of us had cubicle walls decorated with other people’s vacations. A few years ago, I decided to cull my collection. The boxes were too heavy and I was going to move, again! I had duplicates and multiples from several popular vacation spots. So I kept the best and mailed them to everyone I knew who lived in another city.

Top 10 Reasons to Love Postcards
  1. Inexpensive — a cheap thrill
  2. Lightweight and will fit in any overstuffed suitcase
  3. Durable and will last longer than the relationship
  4. Satisfying to hold (unlike texts)
  5. They will never cause a problem getting through customs.
  6. Better photography than most people can take
  7. More fun in the mailbox then sales flyers
  8. Great bookmarks
  9. Small writing area makes it easy to lie
  10. Great way to provide an alibi

Note: For more fun facts about Kansas, see: Eisenhower’s Grave and The World’s Largest Ball of Twine.

Just for fun – As seen online:

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