The Backyard

I always check the Living Poetry Monday Poetry Prompt to see if it inspires something. The prompts are always accompanied by a picture. I really liked the picture this week, even more so than the actual prompt (write a backyard poem.). The odd thing, however, is that the backyard in the poem is not the backyard in the picture. Weird right? Welcome to ekphrastic poetry. where a poem can be a description or about the deeper meanings of a piece of art. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, or stories or poems.


when the light was right
she could see the future.
There was a world beyond
the fence,
the dirt,
the beer cans
and rusted parts
from a dozen iron horses.
Her small hands
clenched into fists,
holding a promise.
when she left
she would never look back.


9 thoughts on “The Backyard

  1. Love the picture and your poem. The picture is more inspiring than the prompt. My attempt:

    The sun drew her forward
    out of the yard
    with its limitations of fence and poverty
    Her heart and mind soared years
    into the future where she
    stood in the spotlight
    casting a shadow over those
    not as fearless, visionary
    Held back by the limits of a shabby backyard.

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