The Award Winner

In my March 8th post, Poetry News and Notes, I mentioned that I took second place in the NCPS annual competition, Bruce Lader Poetry of Witness category (current events). Now that the annual anthology of winning poems, Pinesong, has been published, I am free to share the poem here on my blog.

Assume the Position

First position: stand in line
Learn this in kindergarten. Do it to death.
Try not to do it in a police station.

Second position: hands in the air
Use one hand if you’re a student.
Use two if you’re in front of a gun.

Third position: head between your knees
Essential for turbulent flights and hangovers.
It may also be necessary in hostage crises.

Fourth position: kneel
Do this to propose, or protest police brutality.
Do not do this on someone’s neck.

Fifth position: bend over
Touch your toes for a light stretch.
Take a deep breath for the strip search.

Microsoft is changing the default Office font and wants your help to pick a new one

I notice fonts. Do you? I’ve done my share of newsletter design and layout, and I stare at MS Word everyday so this is a big deal. Click the link above to see how you can give Microsoft your 2 cents.

14 thoughts on “The Award Winner

  1. Your poem gives the impression that you have had some experience with the long arm of the law… I mean that as a compliment, not an accusation.

    I like fonts. Each has a time and place, though many bloggers seem unaware of how their choice affects how easy or hard it is to read their work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love it, JeanMarie.  Keep your sanity and stay well.

    Susan’s coming out of the hospital after twelve days of being driven crazy by people that are far too busy.  UNC budget cuts are affecting patient care.  She’s going to a rehab today.  Everyone says it’s the best one in the triangle.

    Love you,



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