Umbrella Days

Monday 3/1 Living Poetry Prompt

When it rains it pours
but it’s been raining too damn long
and I need some sun.

These gray skies are seeping into my gray matter
Looking for salvation in the next weather report.

Well dear readers – looks like my recent medical crisis is NOT over. It’s been nice to be at home but I’m headed back in for infection control. I miss it here. But I’ll be back. Send good vibes.

13 thoughts on “Umbrella Days

  1. Show those nasty germs who is boss. Reminds me of an old joke about Picaboo Street the skier who has since retired. Supposedly she was going to become a nurse and people hoped she would not specialize in Intensive Care because when she would answer the phone it would be Picaboo, ICU.

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  2. Garlic! And cayenne!!
    Ugh, this post reminds me of Bath, apparently the town that the universe picked to show international students what rain in England really looks like! And hail, out of a clear blue sky!

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