Moon Musings

The moon has been on my mind this week. Blame it on my friend and Living Poetry co-organizer, Bartholomew Barker, who alerted me to this week’s celestial event with his lovely lunar November 18 Haiku. This is my response to last night’s sky.

The Great Conjunction

I saw Selene tonight with her two suitors.
Sister Moon, what is your secret?
Must I orbit alone for eons
until love finds me?
She did not answer,
so I slipped inside
to my lonely dinner.

Then I read Lisa Joy Tomey’s blog response to this week’s Six Sentence Story prompt “wax.” Here is my lunar take on the prompt:


Leave it to the patriarchy to come up with the Man in the Moon. The moon is a woman, and for the ancient Greeks, a goddess. She waxes and wanes to display all her moods and faces, from slender virginal beauty to full-bodied womanhood. Of her many lovers, Endymion was her favorite and she blessed him with many children. Like the nocturnal predators that hunt at night, I also haunt the dark hours with Selene as my companion. She doesn’t speak but passes on her wisdom just the same.

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