Honorable Mention

I am very pleased to announce that one of my poems has won an Honorable Mention from the North Carolina Poetry Society‘s annual poetry contest. The contest is open to members and the public at large. They always offer several categories, some by theme, and some in honor of a person. This year there were 11 categories, and I submitted a poem to  six of them.

It was my poem Husbandry in the Katherine Kennedy McIntyre Light Verse category that won. Click here to see the complete list of categories and winners. All of the winning poems will be published in the NCPS annual anthology, Pinesong, and I get to read it at their May meeting.

The poem is a first person (fictitious) account, of my many husbands. I have no idea where the idea came from but I’m very much indebted to the Living Poetry Critique Group for their valuable assistance in helping me get it just right.

In other news: Bio-logy 2

This year’s Heron Clan anthology, number seven in the series, is almost ready to go to print. We’re still waiting for six tardy poets to submit bios. They’ve been given a firm go/no go deadline. Oh sure, they’ll still see their poem(s) in the book, but no one will know who they are.

In previous years, poets had 100 words to talk about themselves and that was included in the Call for Submission. However,  the response was so big that we accepted more poets than in any other edition, 131 to be exact. We realized that 100 words for each would not be feasible, so we set a new limit of  50 words per poet (or as close as possible). About 40 percent came in already at an acceptable length. That meant that I had to email the other 60 percent.

The experienced poets with extensive publication credits came right back with short bios. Poets who had no or few publishing credits needed the most help. Can you guess that’s what sparked my last post? That said, here’s one more tip for writing a bio that I didn’t know I needed to tell people:  Put your name in your bio.  In other words, don’t assume the bio is going to be underneath your poem. It may be at the back of book, coughHC7cough.

My favorite bio of all them was the one line bio from an older gentlemen who included “being a grandfather” in his list of skills. Now that’s gold!

I believe the books will be available in mid to late April, in case anyone is waiting for it!

19 thoughts on “Honorable Mention

  1. Congratulations! I’m pretty sure I remember the birth of this poem at our germination workshop and definitely remember making a few suggestions at one of our revision workshops. Either way, I’ll claim the assist.

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  2. ‘mow’ means ‘more’ if auto correct isn’t carefully scanned and corrected. Wouldn’t that be ‘we think you won’t verify CORECT?’

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