Is it over yet?

I’m talking about January. Just two more days. I can’t wait.

I feel like I’ve been missing from my life for a while. What did I do in December? I read a lot of poetry for the Heron Clan anthology. More on that soon. I also wrote a poem in response to the Rattle poetry journal’s monthly Ekphrastic poetry challenge. It came out quite well and I submitted it to the contest. Spoiler Alert: I didn’t win. And then of course, there was a busy, extended week for the holidays.

Then January hit me like a swinging medicine bag and knocked me out. It’s been an expensive blur. My laptop died on Dec. 30, 2019. Despite the fact that I hadn’t backed up my data in a long time, I got everything back because the hard drive was intact; nothing the Geek Squad at Best Buy couldn’t take care of, for an additional fee. A week after I got my new laptop, my car battery died. I just ordered a new pair of prescription glasses, and I’m about to visit the dentist. My credit card is crying. Make it stop!

It’s taken me all month to come to terms with my new computer. I almost cried when I saw all my poems back in File Explorer where they belong. However, it took a lot of time and swearing to get my freshly downloaded Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook software back into the shape I want. I use these programs every day, so I customize them with the icons and the views that works the best for me. Although, I still can’t find the on/off toggle icon for Spelling/Grammar toggle in Word. I have several folders of internet bookmarks on my desktop that I can’t figure out how to upload en masse to either Internet Explorer or Chrome. Finally, I lost my graphics software. Well, I still have the 20 year old software disc, but the new laptop doesn’t have a CD drive. Don’t even get me started on that! Oy! It’s been frustrating, infuriating, and exhausting.

And…. I’m going to stop complaining about it. Thank you. You’re officially the last person to get an earful. It’s time to put this messy, financially painful, weirdest weather ever January to bed and start fresh with February. I gave up making New Year’s Resolutions years ago, but I think I might have one more in me:

Write More Poetry!

13 thoughts on “Is it over yet?

  1. That rascally rodent, the Ground Hog, better not see his shadow. I’m ready for early Spring. Nice to see you back in the land of the blogging. Thanks for your assistance to Blue Ridge Writers also! Hope February is less expensive and stressful! We use the Geek Squad also and I’m a big fan.

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  2. 2020 has promise! It’s a new year and new energy, right? I am claiming it 😉 About the CD drive thingie, would it be possible to plug in an external CD drive and download from that? I got one for my daughter so she could play her CDs…A thought.

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  3. It sounds like you needed a new computer anyway. It takes more time than we like to switch and move things…plus the irritancy that comes from losing something that you can’t put onto the new computer, so I feel your pain. I just switched this past Fall from a Windows to a MacBook. Very pleased thus far. And YES! Poetry is an ideal place to place your frustrations. Happy writing! 🙂 And best wishes as you transition to your new computer.

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  4. Cheers and Salutations, Fair Lady, JM! Good Bye, distortedly hard and expenst-January.
    The ancient scripture says that we are to “Call those things that be not as though they were.”
    Therefore, I speak to you, “Hello JeanMarie, all your bills are quickly, easily paid in full!
    Hello, Paid in Full February. Soon and very soon. Here it all comes. Now we are 6 days into February
    where your reversal begins.
    Love you, JM,
    Sincerely, Bonnelopy, Bonnificent, Bouncing Bonnikins,
    Alias, Topo Gigio,

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  5. Oh no! I am so sorry you’ve had an incredibly tough time at the start of this year. How is your February looking? I hope it is ushering in some promise for you.

    Grateful that Geek Squad could get you back up and running. Technology is a blessing but it can also be a total nightmare when anything goes wrong!

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  6. I sympathize with your computer woes. It’s a shock when they crap out and a nuisance to start again with a new one. I sometimes think those devices have been made way too complicated for most of us. Good to hear you’re back, however.

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