The Submission Call

Have you been called — tempted or teased — to submit your work for possible publication? Have you done it  —  or are you ignoring the voice because of fear? I’m not going to lie to you. It takes work. It’s scary. But there are rewards! You can win or lose (a contest); you can get accepted or rejected. But when you put yourself and your work out to the world, you declare powerfully: I believe in my work. I believe in myself.

Hippo cheerleader supports you!

Hey,  you know that anthology of poetry I told you about, The Heron Clan? We’re accepting submissions of poetry for volume 7 through the end of November.  How about submitting some of your poems?

Yes, I am on the selection committee, but don’t worry. We read the poems blind. We’ve already received over 200 poems so make sure you’re submitting your best work. How do you know it’s your best work? Aside from checking and rechecking spelling, spacing, and sparkle (!) try looking at it with the eyes of an outsider. Here’s a link to the poetry critique checklist I use in workshops. It might help.

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments, or email me at Good luck.

Heron Clan Call for Submission Guidelines

  • Submit 1-3 poems as an email attachment. Include all poems in one document, separated with a page break. Please use a standard 12-point font. Title the document with your name but do not include any biographical information in the document itself.
  • There is no restriction on theme or style.
  • Include poem titles and 100-word bio in email cover letter.
  • There is no fee to submit.
  • Poems must be in English.
  • Contributors receive one copy of the anthology, and the opportunity to buy additional copies at cost.
  • Please indicate in the cover letter which poems have been previously published, along with the appropriate acknowledgment (publication name and date). By submitting previously published work, you assert that you have the necessary rights and permissions for the work to be republished.
  • Submission deadline is November 30, 2019.
  • Email submission to Doug Stuber, editor,

12 thoughts on “The Submission Call

  1. I submitted a poem today! It’s the first time I’ve ever submitted a poem officially. I was nervous, but when I came upon your blog post it/you encouraged me. 🙂

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      1. Thank you but it appears that I indeed sent it to the correct address that you wrote. I was on a website selling one of the Heron Clan books and there must have been a typo on the website as the spelling was *Brooks* instead of Books. So the typo was on that website. Just wanted to clarify and say thank you for your encouragement. 🙂

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