5 Random Pieces of Advice for Sensitive-Ass Poets

Greetings readers, writers, and friends. I hope February finds you well and busy with your projects. February is a short month but a busy one, with Love (coughFeb14cough) high on the list. Today, through the magical linkyness of social media, I discovered a blogger and poet by the name of Scott Woods and I might have have an unsubstantiated love-at-first-read-writer-crush. So rather than be all stalky and weird, I’m just going to share this great post – full of inspiration, motivation, and wisdom. Enjoy.

Scott Woods Makes Lists

I’ve been running a poetry show for almost two decades. It’s an irreverent bit of nasty business, but we mean well and want the best for the poets who come through the door. That said, here are five things you can do to improve as a poet today, from one of the most sensitive hearts running one of the most insensitive rooms around.

1) Shoot for More Poems, Fewer Back Rubs
My 12 year old niece can write a poem. It will be a bad poem, but it will be earnest, and will describe the world as she sees it, which as it turns out, won’t be as unique as she thinks it is. And that’s okay because she’s 12. If she wants to write poems to get attention, then she’ll get every head pat I have to give until my arm slides out of its socket and onto the…

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