Life is gritty. Find the beauty anyway.

Holiday greetings to you and yours. As I write this post we are a mere day away from the arrival of Santa Clause. The Hanukkah candles have been lit and latkes consumed. Solstice is over. Kwanzaa is next week and then New Year’s. Whatever or however you celebrate I hope you are finding some joy and peace in this marathon season of good will.

Those gold and silver ornaments and red and green trim sure do brighten the place up. I don’t want to harsh your mellow, but you know that sooner or later, the decorations come down, the routine goes back to normal, and life is just a little bit less pretty.  The key there is “a little bit.” There’s always something beautiful to be found if one knows how to look.

Recently the online journal Politics/Letters put out a call for their annual run of car poems. It’s hard to describe this journal. They publishes essays, critical reviews, poetry, art, media, all with a liberal and intellectual bent.

Just this week, they published two poems for the car series by my dear friend Mary Elmahdy.  Please check out her beautiful work Eugene to Berkeley and Last Bus on the Last Day of 2017 Her language is rich and vivid. These poems are full of reality and grit, and depict locations and activities that I have not personally experienced, yet I feel as though I am right there in the action. I was privileged to read several early versions of them and offer suggestions and thoughts; but I am blown away by the final result. If you like her work, smash the Like button and support the arts.

By the way, one of my own poems will be published in their car series in January. Stay tuned for the link when it goes live.


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